Natural and Weightless Eyelash Extensions

This technique takes one lash at a time and is applied onto the existing lash. Pharmaceutical grade glue is used to ensure safety for our clients. This will transform your natural lashes into beautiful, lush, longer lashes that feel and look real.

 Lashes are resistant to water, sweat, showering, tears, swimming and sleep and are for everyday wear at work, school, meetings, weddings and all special occasions.

Faux Mink Volume Lashing is a groundbreaking technique where the Lash Artist applies 3- 5 superfine lashes to a single eyelash. Volume Lashing uses faux mink lashes, which are soft and very light weight. Five of these lightweight lashes are equal to one classic synthetic lash. Volume Lashes are easier to maintain because they are lightweight and more flexible.

Get the lashes that all the Stars are raving about!